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Biological Solid-State NMR

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Biological Solid-State NMR

We develop and apply modern sensitivity-enhanced solid-state NMR methods. For example, we develop proton-detected methods that can strongly accelerate solid-state NMR experiments and thus enable us to study drug-receptor complexes in native cell membranes.

We use our NMR methods, often in combination with computational techniques, to study pharmaceutically important systems such as membrane-proteins, antibiotics, and nanoscale drug-vectors. We strive to study these complex biological assemblies in truly physiological conditions and at the atomic level.

Selected Recent Publications 

1. Medeiros-Silva, J., Jekhmane, S.,  Paioni, A., Gawarecka, K., Baldus, M., Swiezewska, E., Breukink, E., Weingarth, M., (2018) Nature Comm., accepted, High-resolution NMR studies of antibiotics in cell membranes

2. Visscher, K.M.,  Medeiros-Silva, J. Mance, D., Rodrigues, J.P.G.L.M., Daniëls, M., Bonvin, A.M.J.J., Baldus, M., Weingarth, M., (2017) Angew. Chem., 56, 13222, Supramolecular organization and functional implications of K+ channel clusters in membranes  Selected as Frontispiece

3. Medeiros-Silva, J., Mance, D., Daniels, M., Jekhmane, S., Houben, K., Baldus, M., Weingarth, M. (2016) Angew. Chem. 55, 13606, 1H-detected solid-state NMR of water-inaccessible proteins in vitro and in situ  See here for a layman's summary

4. Rad Malekshahi, M., Visscher. K.M., Rodrigues J.P.G.L.M., de Vries, R., Hennink, W.E.,  Baldus, M., Bonvin A.M.J.J., Mastrobattista E., Weingarth. M. (2015) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 137, 7775, The supramolecular organization of a peptide based nanocarrier at high molecular detail 

5. Sinnige, T., Daniels, M., Baldus, M.,Weingarth, M. (2014) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136, 4452, Proton clouds to measure non-exchangeable sidechain protons in solid-state NMR. This article featured on the cover of JACS.

Koen Visscher et al., 

Angewandte Chem. (2017) 

56, 13222-13227